Scottish Rural Commission

“It is vitally important that Scotland’s rural communities have the environment, services, infrastructure and employment opportunities to sustain future generations. The Scottish Conservatives understand the importance of our rural communities and are committed to bringing forward policies which will help them thrive. It is crucial that we listen to as wide a range of views as possible and consider all of the Commission’s recommendations thoroughly and in detail no matter what they are. We want to listen, we want to discuss and we want to progress”

Ruth Davidson (Scottish Conservative Leader)

“I am pleased to be taking on this exciting task. Having lived in Angus for over 45 years I am passionate about rural Scotland and do understand the challenges faced by rural Scots. The team I have put together is not only made up of leaders in their particular fields, but of people with differing political convictions. Our recommendations will be based on what we believe is best for rural Scotland, not party politics. We are approaching the subject with an open mind and are excited about consulting wider civic Scotland. We are guided by the desire to see the countryside as a vibrant, living, working place – attractive to residents and attractive to visitors.”

Hughie Campbell Adamson (Rural Commission Chairman)